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Director, Reservoir Engineering Advisor
Roy Wikramaratna

In 2016 Roy Wikramaratna set up REAMC Limited as an independent reservoir engineering and applied mathematics consultancy company, working primarily in the upstream oil and gas industry. Roy has some 40 years’ industry experience in porous medium flow modelling, applied to oil reservoir engineering, CO2 sequestration, enhanced oil recovery and groundwater resource evaluation.

He has successfully managed and undertaken Reserves audits, complex engineering evaluations, research and software development projects, and has provided high-level technical consultancy both within the industry and for the UK Government (eg DECC and its predecessor Departments). He has experience of managing and working in integrated teams covering all areas of upstream oilfield development.

Throughout his career, Roy has developed and maintained a research interest both in the theoretical development and in the practical application of numerical methods to solve real world problems, relating to oil reservoir engineering and radioactive waste management.